Television Station Information

KQSL-LD Channel 12

Programming: Independent

City: Petaluma, CA

Owner: One Ministries

Web Site:

Station Info: Digital Low-Power - 0.3 kW

DTV/HDTV Channel: 4

Market: San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose

Digital Subchannels:
12.1 Better Life (3ABN 7th Day Adventist)
12.2 Better Life Health
12.3 Better Life Sermons
12.4 Better Life / 3ABN in Spanish
12.5 God TV
12.6 Daystar
12.7 American Uncensored News
12.8 North Bay TV (K49KS-D)

Station formerly operated on channel 36 but was required to find a new channel when full-power television station KICU San Jose (which is also on channel 36) filed to maximize their digital coverage. KICU's new digital coverage now puts a stronger signal into Santa Rosa than their previous analog signal.
Station began mapping to channel 39 when it signed on the air in April 2014. When One Ministries took over the station in April 2015 the station mapped to channel 12.

KQSL-LD is a television station in Petaluma, CA that serves the San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose television market. The station runs Independent programming. KQSL-LD is a digital low-power television station that operates with 0.3 kilowatts of power and is owned by One Ministries.

Detailed Engineering Information / KQSL-LD FCC Applications