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TV Station Transactions - 2005

August 2005:

WSAZ (NBC Channel 3) Huntington, WV
Price: $186 million
Buyer: Gray Television
Seller: Emmis

KCWE (UPN Channel 29) Kansas City, MO
Price: $10.96 million
Buyer: Hearst-Argyle
Seller: KCWE

KUWB (WB Channel 30) Ogden, UT
Price: $18.5 million
Buyer: Clear Channel
Seller: Acme TV

WWMB (UPN Channel 21) Florence, SC
Price: $2.4 million
Buyer: Sagamore Hill Broadcasting
Seller: Atlantic Media Group

WPDE (ABC Channel 15) Florence, SC
Price: $24.1 million
Buyer: Pilot Group LP.
Seller: Diversified Communications

WVAG (UPN Channel 44) Valdosta, GA
Price: $3.75 million
Buyer: Gray Television Inc.
Seller: P.D. Communications LLC

July 2005:

WDLP (Spanish Channel 22) Key West, FL
Price: $37.25 million
Buyer: Spanish Broadcasting System
Seller: WDLP Broadcasting Co.

WUPL (UPN Channel 54) Slidell, LA (New Orleans, LA)
Price: $14.5 million
Buyer: Belo
Seller: Viacom

June 2005:

May 2005:

KIFI (ABC Channel 8) Idaho Falls, ID
Price: $12.5 million
Buyer: News-Press and Gazette Co.
Seller: The Post Co

KTKA (ABC Channel 49) Topeka, KS
Price: $6.2 million
Buyer: Free State Communications LLC
Seller: Brechner Management Co.

WEMT (FOX Channel 39) Greeneville, TN
Price: $7 million
Buyer: BlueStone TV Holdings Inc.
Seller: Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.

KTWO (ABC Channel 2) Casper, WY
Price: $1.7 million
Buyer: Silverton Broadcasting Co. LLC
Seller: Equity Broadcasting Corp.

WSWB (WB Channel 38) Scranton, PA
Price: $2.1 million
Buyer: Mystic Broadcast Group Inc.
Seller: KB Prime Media LLC

April 2005:

KVII (ABC Channel 7) Amarillo, TX
KVIH (ABC Channel 12) Clovis, NM

Price: $22.5 million
Buyer: Pilot Group LP
Seller: New Vision Group Inc.

KBLR (Telemundo Channel 39) Paradise, NV
Price: $32.1 million
Buyer: NBC Universal
Seller: Summit Media

February 2005:

WNDY (UPN Channel 23) Marion, IN
WWHO (UPN Channel 53) Chillicothe, OH

Price: $85 million
Buyer: LIN Television Corp.
Seller: Viacom

WVNY(ABC Channel 22) Burlington, VT
Price: $10.2 million plus liabilities
Buyer: Lambert Broadcasting LLC
Seller: Straightline Communications

January 2005:

WPXS (PAX Channel 13) Mount Vernon, IL
KUMO-LP St. Louis, MO

Price: $10 million plus WDAH-CA Atlanta,GA; K07UI Minneapolis,MN; K58DP Seattle,WA
Buyer: Daystar Television Network
Seller: Equity Broadcasting Corp

KVIQ (CBS Channel 6) Eureka, CA
Price: $2 million
Buyer: Raul Palazuelos
Seller: Clear Channel

KMMF (FOX Channel 17) Missoula, MT
KBTZ (Channel 24) Butte, MT
KLMN(Channel 26) Great Falls, MT
KMMF-LP Kalispell,MT
KBTZ-LP Bozeman, MT

Price: $4.25 million
Buyer: Max Media LLC
Seller: Equity Broadcasting Corp

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