Television Station Information

KAXT-CD Channel 1

Programming: Independent

City: Santa Clara-San Jose, CA

Owner: OTA Broadcasting

Station Info: Digital Class-A Low-Power - 15 kW

DTV/HDTV Channel: 42

Market: San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose

Digital Subchannels:
1.1 WeatherNation TV
1.2 Tele Romantica
1.3 Diya TV
1.4 Bounce TV
1.5 Que Huong TV
1.6 NetV
1.7 EMTV
1.9 TVHS
1.10 Tiempos Finales
1.11 Jewelry TV
1.12 TheCoolTV

The signal serves primarily the San Jose area and does not put a strong signal into San Francisco or any other of the northern Bay Area communities.
At seperate times, KAXT was affiliated with TBN, Almavision, and Tele Vida Abundante.

KAXT-CD is a television station in Santa Clara-San Jose, CA that serves the San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose television market. The station runs Independent programming. KAXT-CD is a digital class-a low-power television station that operates with 15 kilowatts of power and is owned by OTA Broadcasting.

Detailed Engineering Information / KAXT-CD FCC Applications