High Definition Television

HDTV or high-definition television is here and it means now you can experience high quality digital video and sound right in your living room. Thousands of television stations are broadcasting digital high-definition signals across the country and now is the perfect time to discover HDTV.

The building cost for the television stations is in the millions of dollars but you can experience great quality digital video for a lot less. To take advantage of the quality HDTV content all you need is a digital television receiver that connects to your existing television. If you want to see HDTV in its full glory, you should go shopping for a HDTV projector or screen which can cost several thousand dollars.

The big television networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, and CW are all providing nearly all of their primetime programming in HDTV. Cable and satellite companies also offer HDTV tiers with programming from HBO and various other cable networks.

More information about the digital transition can be found at Go HDTV. There you will find detailed information and answers to your question about everything involving digital broadcast television.