Television Station Information

KJLA Channel 57

Programming: Azteca America Azteca America

ID: "Azteca 57 Los Angeles"

City: Ventura, CA

Owner: Costa de Oro Media, LLC

Station Info: Digital Full-Power - 1000 kW

DTV/HDTV Channel: 49

Market: Los Angeles

Digital Subchannels:
57.1 KJLA/Azteca America
57.2 VietFace TV (Vietnamese)
57.3 VNA TV (Vietnamese)
57.4 VietSky Television (Vietnamese)
57.5 Saigon TV (Vietnamese)
57.6 VBS TV (Vietnamese)
57.7 Diamond King TV (Vietnamese)
57.8 IBC TV (Vietnamese)
57.9 Chung T'ien TV (Mandarin)
57.10 VietPho
57.11 VSTAR
57.12 Viet Global Mall TV (Vietnamese)

January 2018: After the sale of KAZA, KJLA became the Azteca America affiliate in the Los Angeles market.

KJLA is a television station in Ventura, CA that serves the Los Angeles television market. The station runs programming from the Azteca America network and identifies itself as "Azteca 57 Los Angeles". KJLA is a digital full-power television station that operates with 1000 kilowatts of power and is owned by Costa de Oro Media, LLC. This station broadcast primarily in Spanish.

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