Television Station Information

KUBE Channel 57

Programming: Independent

ID: "KUBE TV Houston"

City: Baytown, TX

Owner: TTBG, LLC

Station Info: Digital Full-Power - 1000 kW

DTV/HDTV Channel: 41
Dish Network Channel: 57
DirecTV Channel: 57

Market: Houston

Digital Subchannels:
57.1 KUBE/Independent
57.2 La Mera TV
57.3 BYN TV

May 1999: Pappas Telecasting buys station KAZH (at the time KVVV) from ValueVision for $28 million.
July 2007: KAZH drops Azteca and becomes a Spanish independent station.
In 2009 the station began branding itself "Vasallo vision."
September 2010: Stations flips to English.

KUBE is a television station in Baytown, TX that serves the Houston television market. The station runs Independent programming and identifies itself as "KUBE TV Houston". KUBE is a digital full-power television station that operates with 1000 kilowatts of power and is owned by TTBG, LLC.

Detailed Engineering Information / KUBE FCC Applications